Have you heard the saying “In Silence, you hear the truth”?
I take this seriously in everything I do– especially in a world full of noise.

You can call me the Silence Breaker, even though I’m not loud. The one that listens gets more points of view from others to challenge a problem.

My process:

It’s never a linear process but here I go:

1. Listen

I research– the market, culture, behaviors, trends. I observe and take notes of people’s behaviors under a category. Go on social media, see what people are saying.

If feedback doesn’t answer the WHYs or WHAT IFs, then repeat step #2.  Gotta keep digging for the truth. (( ;

2. deciphering the problem

Dissect the information collected– how? Insert the word [WHY] to every statement I found on my research and then [WHAT IF]. Then, I take what matters– the truth nobody has spoken about yet.

3. Feedback

Feedback is crucial. ask my teammates. If it’s something they know, go back to process 1, keep digging for the truth, repeat, and check back with your team until you can answer why that is.

4. Test it

Let’s test it out: “have you heard? Do you know?” My go-to is Reddit (people ask the most straightforward and give the boldest opinions there)

Let’s break the silence!

The Insight that creates movement.

As a visual storyteller, I had to “STORYBOARD” my method!

This is what happens when you