In silence, I hear the truth

In a world full of noise, not listening leads you to the wrong side of things:

Not ListeningListening
Superficial informationSubstantial information

I listen to get more points of view from others to challenge a problem.

[ The listener breaks the silence with genuine intentions ]

My process:

1. Listening —Often where there’s silence, there’s tension. I listen to (research) the market, culture, behaviors, trends. I observe and take notes of people’s behaviors under a category. Go on social media, see what people are saying.

2. Deciphering —The questions! Dissecting the information collected– how? Insert the word [WHY] to every statement I find on my research and then [WHAT IF]. Then, I take what matters– the truth nobody has spoken about yet.

3. Feedback —Feedback is the maximum potential of the art of listening. I run my ideas with my teammates. If they join me in the “ah-ha!” moment, I proceed to step 4. If not, I go back to process 1, keep digging for the truth, and check back with my team until I can answer why that is.

4. Testing —Let’s test it out: “have you heard? Do you know?” I search for specific topics that connect my idea with the brand. Is this what people haven’t heard but want to know about or be a part of? My go-to is Reddit (people ask the most straightforward and give the boldest opinions there).

5. Let’s break the silence!

The insight that creates movement

This is what happens when you LISTEN