Create endlessly by taking shortcuts with betty crocker

With this brand experience for Betty Crocker, we aim to increase sales, especially of baking ingredients, as we found that Betty Crocker takes the 6th place in sales under this category, as well as maintaining the new consumers that Betty Crocker gained during the pandemic.

But most importantly, we don’t just want people to remember our large range of products. We want to be in people’s minds when they think about the endless options they have when they choose to create with Betty Crocker.

current situation


The pandemic significantly increased the number of scratch bakers, as people were looking for in-home entertainment during the lockdown.


Consumers baked as a way to treat themselves, a form of entertainment and relaxation while stuck at home. 24.7% increase in sales.

Betty Crocker

Nearly 100 years old, Betty Crocker has been a source for modern cooking instruction and trusted recipe development. BC is the #1 in baking mixes sales. However, it’s place in the 6th place when it comes to baking ingredients. In this project we focused on cake baking ingredients.

What’s expected?

Sales are expected to decline 6% in 2021 as consumers resume some out-of-home activities. Scratch bakers will remain strong but shortcut bakers will most likely stop baking.

Business Goal

To keep the shortcut bakers we gained over the pandemic, gain scratch bakers, and increase the number of sales in baking ingredients


Optimistic Millennials

Millennials struggle to find timesaving creative activities to stay emotionally healthy.

Worry about taking a shortcut and not feeling optimistic about progress in their new ventures.

The Problem

Consumer Problem

Millennials like to be optimistic about the progress in any activity they do. In seeing progress, they nourish their minds.

Business Problem

BC’s practicality is seen as lazy, doesn’t require any effort, therefore, Millennials don’t consider integrating it as part of their daily lives.

Creative Ideas

However, having shortcuts means they have to generate new ideas.

Consumer Goal

BC gives you more time for endless creations they can make by taking shortcuts.

Human Insight

Millennials see progress as an accomplishment and as a way to keep their minds healthy by keeping busy.

The Idea

Get Millennials Who see Betty Crocker cake mixes as dull
To use their products to expand their ability to create
By showing them the endless ways to create by taking shortcuts.


“Sprinkle Joy” is about showing people the emotional benefits of baking and baking decoration. We want those who have found this to be a hobby, a way to relax or call forth creativity, to maintain mental health in these difficult times.


The experience will take place during the Mental Health Awareness Month– May, for 5 consecutive Sundays.


All of the boroughs of New York.
Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island.


Call to action on BC’s and baking influencer social accounts: “If you know someone who has wanted to start baking, pursuing these emotional benefits, but for one reason or another hasn’t been able to, tell us their story and tag them, and us. It’s time to #SprinkleJoy.”

The Experience

We want to be in people’s minds when they think about the endless options they have when they choose to create with Betty Crocker.

Extension of our campaign to digital platforms.

In order to continue and expand our social media conversations with all generations, especially Gen Zs and Millennials, who heavily rely on “how-to” videos on social media, by offering them more content using IGTV, TikTok, and YouTube, with new piping techniques and recipes, as well as new fun challenges, that involve our current products as well as new ones.

Work by:

Research, Strategy & Production: Amy Perez and Lisa de la Paz
Interior Designer: TinTina by AG
Video Production: Shot by Edy
Graphic Designer: Roberto Javier Quintero