Hola! I’m Amy

Animal lover & curiosity-driven.
After graduation, I started producing videos for a law firm and found myself questioning about how to make them more accessible to others on social media. This led me to discover the world of digital advertising and the surface of marketing– and helped me make people watch our videos. A couple of more weeks passed and I asked myself: how can we make them stay? And eventually learned and became fascinated about branding. A couple of months passed by, and I got accepted in the Branding and Integrated Communications program at CCNY where I’m refining my passion about creating stories that drive emotions that ultimately impact behaviors.

Curiosity leads you to the strangest and unknown places everybody wants to know about (;

When I’m not creating stories, I’m empowering college students to explore ways to create multimedia projects and television programs through research, good storytelling and a spark of imagination.

Wanna get to know me better?