#BLM Manifesto

Client: Black Lives Matter
Challenge: There are many people that believe in this movement due to their vivid and unfortunate experiences they and/or loved ones have gone through. There are others that are part of this movement because they want to make the world a better place. Sadly, there are many others that haven’t been able to connect with this movement due to personal reasons that go beyond of what this movement is all about. Although is a strong movement, it is still struggling to connect all of us with one unique statement that drives us to self-identify with #BLM. The question here is: how do we get them all connected– one statement, one purpose, same words to live by? Is there an universal language that everyone can speak and that goes beyond our bias? Why believe in this movement?
The organization’s website and other sites had important information about what they believe in and how they are. However, the language chosen to express why they do what they do seems to have lost the human side of it.
Observations and Insights:
How did it start? Where is it headed to? What do we believe in? What are our values? What kind of world do you want to live in? What are you bringing to the world? How can our organization help you accomplish the vision we have in common?
The movement’s root is a simple as wanting to live a life peacefully, like any other human being in the world, without worrying about simple tasks such as going to the corner store, walking on a different neighborhood wearing a hoodie.
These are activities that are normal when everybody else does it but when an African American does it, all of the sudden, it becomes suspicious. Basic human rights. We’re equal and should be treated as such.
One conversation that struck me the most happened as follow:
Amy: I constantly hear “fight for freedom” or “defund the police” when I ask people about the action they want others to take when joining the Black Lives Matters Movement. Can you tell me what you think about this?
Interviewee: Yes, I agree but this is just part of the problem, not the problem entirely. Our problem has forever existed and freedom was never granted to us. This is a systematic problem.
Amy: What do you mean?
Interviewee: Have you ever been stopped by the police on your way to school? Or when you take the subway? Or for simply stepping out of your home?
Amy: No.
And this is when I understood the movement even deeper… They have been prisoners of a system that doesn’t believe that all lives matters. This movement wants people to start believing that everyone deserves basic human rights, to be treated like humans, and that no one should fear for their life in everyday situations where others feel safe.
Manifesto: This piece integrates the events that formed the Black Lives Matter movement, using a simple and universal language that all of us can understand. BLM believes that YOU can do all of the simple things that they were killed for doing. Can you stand by us and give us the chance to live a normal life… like you?

Team: Juliana Mora and Anna Ying.