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Management/Planning: Amy Perez
Creative: Ashley Santiago
Public Relations: Oyinda Amu

Governors Island is a 172-acre island in New York Harbor, within the borough of Manhattan. It is located
approximately 800 yards south of Manhattan Island 400 yards from Brooklyn . Governors Island is easily
accessible to New Yorkers by an 8 minute ferry ride from Lower Manhattan or an 4 minutes from Brooklyn. However, most New Yorkers are not aware of its proximity or the fact that there are many exciting activities that millennial New Yorkers can enjoy. In Our research, we found that Governors Island is perceived as a place for families with children and very “touristy.” Other people think it is a hassle to get to Governors Island, and some others are not even aware of it whatsoever, according to many millennials.

Millennials of New York, our target audience, are busy people, with work, school and family responsibilities. As a New York Millennial myself, and being surrounded by mostly millennials, I can certify that we always crave for vacations (especially when we have “one of those days” at the office). However, planning a vacation rarely happens overnight.

So, based on primary and secondary research, we concluded that (in ABT format):

Most New Yorkers wish to find places within the city where they can recreate the feeling
of being on vacation and would happily explore new options but they believe that it’s
impossible for them to have that personal break therefore we need to make them realize
that… by being just a little bit away from the city , Governors Island recharges you —
and your relationship to New York. To take a break from New York, In New York.

To articulate our idea, we illustrated everyday activities and occurrences that are easily identifiable by the native New Yorker and create a comparison that shows how Governors Island can provide an improved, more desirable version out of the same concept.

We used photos of generic activities New Yorkers do in an attempt to disconnect from
the city.

2d executions (Billboards/magaginzes)

Although the images themselves give it away, the copy on each one reiterates that these activities done from GI will give New Yorkers a feeling of disconnection without the necessity of going away. It creates almost a flashback “out with the old” effect and then depicts the New Yorker seeing a newer and more colorful perspective of a place they’ve lived all along.

A break from New York. In New York.

Simple and concise. This tagline expresses that sentiment that most of us, regardless of our generation, have had at least twice a month
when we’re at work: “A break from New York.” However, not all of us can simply leave New York to take a break– so why not A break from New York… but in New York.

Each execution has a consistent headline which only changes to reiterate the message stated on each art, with a unique sarcastic tone of voice that many New Yorkers have, especially one millennials are identified by. Based on the positive reactions we’ve gotten to the synergy of the copy and art, before this presentation, we hope and predict to evoke the same emotions in our target audience, such as laughter and curiosity to explore Governors Island. Our intent is also that whoever sees our campaigns, they’re able to memorize it, identify it, and share it, based on the factors previously mentioned.
Because the headlines have shock value, we anticipate that there could be significant earned media potential especially by local blogs and influencers.

timebased media

For our time-based media, we created an animation to bring to life a more vivid experience of what we plan to produce for our Governors Island television/digital platforms commercial. We plan to produce an on-site video once approved.

experiential campaign

Alternative media: Interactive digital screen will be placed in strategic places where people stand and wait in NYC, like train and bus stop. These digital screens capture the image of the person standing in front of it while eliminating their current background. Their background will be replaced by a virtual photo of Governors Island– very similar to how we use Zoom backgrounds. On the corner of the screen, there will be a QR code linking the Governor’s island website for visitor information! The site will also have a link to capture the photo of them and the virtual background of Governors Island to be sent to their phones for better quality.

Storybuilding (curveball!)

Last-minute things happen all the time. This campaign is set to be launched in the spring of 2021, and we were just told (short notice) that Joe Biden will be in New York around this time!

To integrate such a magnificent even while attracting more eyeballs to Governors Island and build a story, we opted to used to social media platforms mostly used by our target audience: Instagram and Snapchat. We created a filtered inspired by Joe Biden’s classic aviator shades, along with the tagline “Biden Takes New York” while the background puts users virtually in GI allows people
get familiar with the scenery of the island while also spreading awareness of President Joe Biden’s
arrival in New York City with #GovernorsIslandloveBiden and #BidenTakesNY. Filters are also
attached to geo-locations which allows users to see exactly where Governors island is!

In this specific project, although each one of us has a different specialization, we were able to implement elements from outside of it. We all became tech, strategy, design and PR-savvy due to the integrated nature of our Master’s program, enabling us to understand not only our field (management in my case) but those from our team members in order to make the most out of it.