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Mt. Beacon & Something Else

MT beacon and something else

Happy Monday, everyone who’s reading this post (and thank you for taking your time to read it)

Beacon Mountain– my first hiking experience ever (a couple of years ago) and my second time hiking yesterday (4/8/18) I reflected on so many things this time around but first, let me tell you some things you need to know if you want to go on a hike at Beacon.

We drove to Beacon and it took us about an hour and forty minutes to get there from the city and it wasn’t bad at all because we drove along the Hudson (partly) and drove through beautiful small towns, too. Once you get there, there’s a parking lot (free) but I strongly recommend that you arrive early because the parking lot can get pretty crowded. The hike is pretty rocky, steep and a complete workout but it is so rewarding. You will see things like The Mount Beacon Incline Railway which once was the steepest railroad and took tourists to a hotel/casino. Obviously, the building does not exist anymore but the ruins are a window to a magnificent view of The Hudson Valley.

After this point on, you can continue going up to the fire tower which I didn’t do because of my knee problem and (here comes the “something else” the title indicated) I had to sadly let my friends go and continue their expedition up.

While the peacefulness and fresh air were taking over me, I had the pleasure of meeting a couple from a different state. Long story short, our conversation got to a point where we were telling each other what we did for a living.  They were both professionals traveling around the world and blogging/vlogging about their experiences. Wait, so professional bloggers? They both explained how they balance to have a full-time job and travel at the same time. Of course, we didn’t go into the details because we had just met but the energy the guy radiated when talking about it was awesome. I could tell how much he loved traveling and how excited he was about finding a way to balance his work and travel lives.

Of course, aside from the good vibes I got from him when he talked about it, my conclusion of the conversation is how he made efforts to be able to do both at the same time. He’s found a way to be a professional engineer and do what he and his fiance love–to travel.

This brought me back to how many people limit themselves to do just one thing because they’ve heard how difficult is to combine work, school, etc., at the same time. If you know me just a little, you can tell how much I LOVE to travel; and that traveling and being able to work while traveling would be a dream come true. This guy inspired me not only to travel and do both at the same time but inspired to NEVER limit myself to do just one thing (in literally anything I set myself to accomplish)

I’ve risked myself to do things I’d never thought I would but one of the things I’m still battling with is to risk myself to be able to live in a different state/country while working. It is not something I am dying to do but who knows… perhaps, I’ll take the risk one day

Everything is possible, one way or another, only if you are persistent and do things from the bottom of your heart, with love.

BTW, here’s the view 😀



XO, Amy

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