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Anthony’s Nose – A Short Hike With Panoramic Views Of The Hudson.

We all know –I assume and I hope you know– that New York is not only Times Square, Union Square, Brooklyn Bridge, etc. New York State is filled with majestic mountains, lakes, falls,  and everything you can imagine (I mean, nature, you know)


This time I decided that I wanted to see the Hudson from Anthony’s Nose, which is located about an hour and ten minutes drive from New York City. Once you get there you can leave your car parked right off the road (picture below)


I am not a hiker though I’ve hiked a few times and based on that I would say that this hike was pretty difficult in the beginning. I took the white trail which is composed of a type of stone-like staircases, and probably 10 minutes before getting to the top, the hike became a little easier, almost a flat walk in the middle of beautiful huge trees. If you’re not an expert, you can take a few breaks on your way up just like a did (and take pictures!)

taking a break.JPG

Also, taking breaks allows you to take MORE pictures of this beautiful peak!


The view is breathtaking! From the top, you can clearly see the Hudson River, Bear Mountain, and the Bear Mountain Bridge. I’d definitely think this is a place you would enjoy having a picnic in, read a book (a Paulo Coehlo one, perhaps) or just to simply admire the beauty of our Mother Nature.

Anthony’s Nose was a great experience. Although it was a little cold and an exhausting, the view is so worth it and it will give you a feeling of gratification and peace.

1It’s challenging but doable.

[More pictures at]

Xo, Amy

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