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Oversized Coats by Sha.Vonne [So Chic!]

Everyone who knows me know how much I love to wear oversized coats, sweaters, shirts, jeans and pretty much everything that fits me “in an oversized way.” I simply love it! Looking sexy doesn’t always mean showing too much skin and wearing tight clothes. I’ve always argued that women, indeed, look sexier when they challenge themselves to wear something classified as “not sexy” but their confidence in wearing such thing makes them sexier than ever.

Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating in a photoshoot for Sha Vonne, a clothing store located in Taiwan owned by my talented friend Sha. I mean, her store is just perfect and what makes it unique is the fact that she specializes in creating oversized clothes for those, who like me, love to wear European/American oversized clothes.

Here are 4 ways to wear these two beautiful coats:

This fluffy coat, perfectly oversized and a warm color that goes with everything! So elegant and sporty at the same time. These are the two outfits I tried on with this coat:

1. This look is more casual, with ripped boyfriend jeans.

2. This same coat, I wore it with everyone’s favorite style “all black everything”
which makes it less casual and can totally work for a night out.
Notice how my knitted beanie changes my outfit entirely? (;

And these two outfits, wearing this super chic denim coat. I bet you anything you’ll catch everyone’s attention wherever you go with this amazing oversized coat

3. Denim is always so trendy, it has never gone out of style. I wore the same outfit, wearing this denim coat just so you notice that one piece of your outfit
can completely change the way you look.

4. Again, same coat but with a more casual and colorful outfit that makes this
snowy winter more colorful.

These two coats can be purchased at:


Instagram: Sha_v_e   y

Fotógrafo: Ping Lu

Instagram: S159741g.

Instagram: Amy_PlacesandThings    &    Amy.Perez.A


Xo, Amy

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