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4 Ways To Wear Knee-High Socks!

Yeah, yeah… Many of you are probably a little scared of wearing these type of socks, but hey, how do you know if you haven’t tried yet? Let the winter clothing fun begin!

Knee high socks were actually “the thing” back in the 90’s and it was one of my favorite things to wear. Some people say that they make you look like a schoolgirl, but let’s not pay attention to those comments. I will show you 4 ways to wear your knee-high socks, so you can show people that you can make any fashion trend work!

1. With A Dress.


This look is more for like a winter night out. As you can see, I am barely showing skin, but with your knee-high socks, you don’t need to show too much skin to look sexy and chic!

2. With A Skirt.


This look is more for like a “get together” kind of party.  Again, knee-high socks and skirts do make you look like a schoolgirl, people say… but as you can see in this picture, the outfit goes perfectly with the socks and it does not make you look like a schoolgirl.

3. With A Long Sweater.


Long sweaters never go out of style! So why not paring it with a pair of black knee-high socks?

4. With Shorts.


This look is one of my favorite ones! During the winter, many people are skeptical about wearing shorts because it can get really cold when you’re out. I tend to wear short in the winter with leggings under but it just got too “common” reason why I decided to not wear leggings and instead I wore my knee-high socks which are so warm that you won’t even feel the difference. Obviously, this “winter” outfit must go with a long and warm jacket.

If you have pictures with your own “knee-high socks” style, use the hashtag #Amy_kneehighsocks so I can repost your pictures on my IG.

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XO, Amy

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