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Beautiful Malta <3

Every country has its own uniqueness I believe but Malta is just something else…

Malta is a mixed of many cultures and as a matter of fact, the country has been ruled by The Romans, Spanish, Phoenicians,  Sicilians,  French, British to name a few, just until 1974 where it became an independent Republic from The United Kingdom.

Well, enough about history! I am sure you will learn a lot more when you travel to Malta. Let’s get to the fun part!

My first recommendation is to buy your flight ticket ahead of time. Second recommendation: I don’t think you should rent any type of private transportation to your hotel or apartment (unless you are going with kids, then I strongly recommend you to do so). Public transportation in Malta is so good and cheap! There are different bus lines right outside the airport and the bus drivers are really kind, so you can just ask them which bus to take to whatever town you want to go and they will do it without doubt. You can use your “google maps” app and it will suggest you which buses to take. Most buses station in Valletta, which is the Capital of Malta and from there you can transfer to a different to your final destination. I really wish I knew this before going to Malta so I didn’t have to pay for private transportation, although it wasn’t expensive (but still, you know! lol)

Hotels can be a little pricey but again, if you book it two months before your arrival, you should be good. But I strongly recommend to rent an apartment. My friends and I went to a really known website (, which is excellent when it comes to renting out apartments because it shows you “real reviews” and you can get in contact with the owner of the places you decide to get information from. We rented an apartment in Gzira.

Every town and every single place is a MUST in Malta but the following list will show you the places and town I have visited during my stay in Malta:

St. Julians: FUN NIGHT OUT!  If you are looking for a place to go to just dance all night, sing your lungs out and meeting fun people like you, then St. Julians is the place. It is situated in the North of the country (Malta is really small, so don’t worry about where you are, you’ll figure it out the first day you arrive). The day I visited St. Julians, I decided to take a 20 minutes walk from where I was. It was really fun because you encountered beautiful buildings and cathedrals along the way but you can also take a cab to St. Julians which is really cheap (tell the cab driver to take you to the heart of nightlife in St. Julians, they will know what you’re taking about right away). Once you’re there, you can jump from club to club and fun thing is that the streets are closed, so you can dance in the streets if you please! There are many types of clubs: Latino music clubs, reggae music clubs and many, I mean many, clubs that strictly play rave music and it is just so fun (I’m becoming nostalgic, I want to go back!). Go and you’ll see what I am talking about.



Island of Comino: Breathtaking!   Wow, just wow!  Comino is a car-free Island and it is what I’d like to call “heaven on earth!” It looks just like a swimming pool, so blue and perfect!  In order to get to Comino, you can book your boat ticket with the same people that are selling bus tours or any type of tour (the boat trip to Comino is very demanding, so you better book it the first day you arrive to Malta). Try your best to take the boat that departs the earliest, that way you “avoid” crowded places once you arrive because it can get really crowded.

Beautiful Blue Lagoon

Gzira: Super nice people! This is the town where I stayed during my days in Malta. It is conveniently located about 12 minutes away from Valletta (The Capital) by bus and 20 minutes by car from the airport. I did not explore Gzira as I should have but it introduced me to Malta’s gastronomy which is too yummy! If you decide to stay in Gzira, take a short walk to “Triq-Ix-Xatt” street which is the street right next to boardwalk where locals played music during the nights I spent in Malta. Right across the street, you can find a wide variety of restaurants at pretty convenient prices. Last but not least, during the morning time you can find several small business that offer tickets for different tours around the Island.


My second post will contain 3 different places in Malta that absolutely took my breath away!


xo, Amy

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